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Nutritional Feeding
Guidelines for Cats

How Often Should Cats Eat?
When left to their own devices, most cats will eat more often, anywhere from 9 to 20 very little meals in a single 24-hour period. This is especially true when owners who allow free feeding leave food out all day. Wet foods, on the other hand, can be fully swallowed when presented. Cats are typically finicky eaters, and the flavor, texture, and aroma of the food presented will all have a significant impact.


What Should I Consider When Feeding?

Although many cat parents give their cats mostly dry kibble, there are some very compelling reasons to think about giving your cats wet food or a mix of the two. In any event, what is ideal for one cat could not be for another.

Depending on whether your cat has underlying health issues, canned wet food, dry kibble, or water fountains can all play a significant role in ensuring that it receives the nourishment it needs in the best possible form for general health. Ask your veterinarian for a suggestion.

Commercial cat meals are designed to include all of the nutrients that cats require, so high-quality cat food that is served in the right quantity with the right number of calories should satisfy all of your cat’s nutritional demands.

It’s crucial that your cat doesn’t eat too many calories, which can result in issues with weight control and diseases like diabetes that are linked to obesity. Before making a choice, carefully consider free-feeding your pet to prevent them from gaining weight.

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